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CLIENT:           CMS Legal

DATE:              9 October 2017, Sydney

PURPOSE:      On the occasion of the annual IBA 2017 Conference in Sydney, CMS Legal held a hospitality event for the global clients attending the conference. Being such a large conference, a great number of firms were holding similar events and it was imperative that this event ‘cut through’.

ZEAL’s ROLE:  We were tasked with designing, creating and producing an inviting event that: 

A) celebrated local Australian culture and cuisine in an iconic Sydney venue and B) promoted the CMS brand. Aside from ‘on brand décor’ and engaging entertainment, ZEAL also produced a gift to be presented to guests at the conclusion of the event.

OUTCOME:     Based on data captured by  event partner eTouches, the event was very well subscribed with 520 guests through the door.  Very positive feedback was received following the event, calling out the fantastic ambiance, engaging entertainment and  appropriate gift of a wooden cheeseboard after sampling some of Australia's best cheeses at the event.