Tenants bar.jpg

CLIENT:        Hongkong Land

DATE:           1 December 2017, Hong Kong

PURPOSE:     Celebrate the festive season and thank the tenants of Hongkong Land’s office and retail properties across Hong Kong. This annual celebration is always held in the Rotunda of the Exchange Square, a challenging event space! It plays host to 400-500 guests in a standing cocktail format.

ZEAL’s ROLE:  We created an exciting and interactive theme that provided a great vehicle for entertainment  a transformation of the event space. Having produced this event 8 times over the last 10 years, the challenge of the ZEAL principals is to stage entertainment that is new to Kong Kong and will have the audience buzzing (and sharing via social media). Also key to this event is meticulous logistics with an extensive set up taking place over four consecutive nights due to the fact that this is a public space and can not be accessed during the day.

OUTCOME:    A Cinematic Journey proved to be a perfect theme with spectacular entertainment, engaging interactive stations and an incredibly fresh look to the event space.