PwC Annual Dinner 2018 bar.jpg

CLIENT: PwC Hong Kong

PURPOSE:  Deliver a series of spectacular dining events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou for 10,000 delighted guests.

ZEAL’s ROLE: The principals of ZEAL have created and produced PwC annual dinners since 2002. As in previous years, ZEAL worked with PwC on a new creative theme, messaging, and, naturally, a highly engaging guest experience. This year’s ‘Electric Gold’ was vibrantly realised in every aspect; striking sets and staging, together with state of the art lighting, evocative décor and theming, plus fun and futuristic entertainment. All these elements were complemented by carefully selected fine food and wine. 

OUTCOME: Throughout the process ZEAL liaised closely with PwC and the chosen venue in each city to ensure the theme and design adapted to fit their specific cultural requirements, making this a series of highly unified brand experiences, that still catered to local nuances and tastes.